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BIOM 203: R Programming

R is the leading open source statistical and data analysis programming language. Through thousands of useful open source libraries, R empowers its users to solve complex problems, efficiently analyze data and develop powerful visuals. R also enables users to build their own analysis methods and algorithms to solve specific problems. Participants of this course have the option of learning through:

    Option 1: A combination of lecture and hands-on exercises over a 5-day period

    Option 2: An online self-study platform as well as live practice sessions and office-hours offered in-person                                             at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Headquarters (HQ) or online via live streaming. (For a more                               personalized learning experience, in-person attendance at IRRI HQ is recommended, but it is not required.)    

This course empowers participants to become proficient in the R programming language so that they can begin to utilize R for whatever purpose they may need. 

Course Objectives

  • Master the basics of data analysis and common data structures
  • Learn the how to automate multi-step processes and repetitive tasks 
  • Learn how to write R functions so that your processes can be more easily repeated 
  • Get over the R learning curve

Course Content

  • Introduction to R
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Data visualization

Course Coordinator

Ms. Alaine Gulles

About the Course

Course Schedule:  

        Option 1: July 9 - 13, 2018
        Option 2: July 9 - August 3, 2018 (3 - 4 PM Manila Time, Monday to Friday)

Venue: IRRI Headquarters, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Application Period:  until June 8, 2018 or until all slots are filled up

How to Apply:

        Requirements and Instructions:

        Please read before proceeding to the online application.

    1. Interested applicants must have a fully accomplished online application form with all the necessary attachments.
    2. Applicant must have a certification of availability of funding from IRRI, donors or sponsoring agencies to cover the full cost of the training.  This should be reflected in the Endorsement form or Consent form that can be downloaded below.
    3. Slots for this training are awarded on a competitive basis and participants will be chosen based on the information provided on the online application form.


    1. Download and accomplish the consent form that you will need for your application. Please attach them to the online application form. 
      • Consent form (Save as PDF with CF_R2018_Your-Lastname as filename).
    2. Proceed with the online application here.

        Notes: Participants must bring their own laptop.