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BIOM 201: Basic Experimental Design and Data Analysis using STAR

This course is designed to acquaint researchers with the principles of experimental design, basic experimental designs used in crop research, analysis of variance, and correlation and regression analysis. It also introduces the Statistical Tool for Agricultural Research (STAR), a user-friendly software that uses GUI created in Java and functions developed in R to assist crop scientists in the design and analysis of data. It is intended for researchers in the Agricultural and Biological Sciences. It employs a combination of lecture, group exercises, and hands-on exercises using STAR.

Course Objectives

  • Review basic statistical concepts
  • Describe the three essential components of an experimental design and explain the importance of each component
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of using the different experimental designs
  • Generate randomization and electronic field book for basic experimental designs using STAR
  • Perform project, file and data management in STAR
  • Construct analysis of variance table for basic experimental designs and perform the analysis using STAR
  • Perform mean comparison and partitioning of sums of squares
  • Determine the appropriate transformation for a given set of data
  • Discuss missing data
  • Perform simple correlation and linear regression analysis

Course Content

  • Basic statistics
  • Principles of experimental design
  • Basic experimental designs
  • Analysis of variance and mean comparison
  • Partitioning sum of squares
  • Data transformation
  • Missing data
  • Simple correlation and linear regression analysis

Course Coordinator

Ms. Alaine Gulles

About the Course

Course Schedule:  October 7 - 11, 2019

Venue: IRRI Headquarters, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Application Period:  until September 6, 2019 or until slots are filled

How to Apply:

Requirements and Instructions:

Please read before proceeding to the online application.

    1. Interested applicants must have a fully accomplished online application form with all the necessary attachments.
    2. International applicants need to prepare a scanned copy of their passport (preferably, in color) which will be attached to the completed online application form.
    3. Applicant must have a certification of availability of funding from IRRI, donors or sponsoring agencies to cover the full cost of the training.  This should be reflected in the Endorsement form or Consent form that can be downloaded below.
    4. Slots for this training are awarded on a competitive basis and participants will be chosen based on the information provided on the online application form.


  1. Download and accomplish the form(s) that you will need for your application. Please attach them to the online application form. 
    • Consent form (Save as PDF with CF_BEDDA2019_Your-Lastname as filename)
    • Medical form (For Non-IRRI applicants only. Save as PDF with MCF_Your-Lastname as filename). 
  2. Proceed with the online application here.


        1.  Applicants will be notified thru email if they are accepted or not.
        2.  Participants must bring their own laptop with Windows Operating System.